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of 36
• Make sure that the power cord is properly plugged into
the wall outlet (18).
• Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, wait 5
seconds or more, then plug it in again.
• When the set ASb starts running, the compact disc
player will automatically go Standby (32).
Can’t turn on the Compact Disc Player.
The Compact Disc Player turns off
• Check all connections and correct as necessary (17).
• Make sure that there is no unsupported file formats or
• The compact disc player is equipped with a feature to
switch the digital/analog output. Check if the connection
between the compact disc player and a connected
component is appropriate, and also whether the selection
of the selector is correct.
• Make sure all audio connecting plugs are pushed in all
the way (17).
• The sound quality can be affected by strong magnetic
fields, such as that from a TV. Try moving any such
devices away from the compact disc player.
• If you have any devices that emit high-intensity radio
waves near the compact disc player, such as a cellular
phone that’s being used to make a call, the compact disc
player may output noise.
• The compact disc player’s precision drive mechanism
may emit a faint hissing sound while reading discs
during playback or when searching for tracks. You may
be able to hear this noise in extremely quiet
• The compact disc player is not a portable device. Use it
in a location that’s not subject to shock or vibration.
• Audio performance will be at its best about 10 to 30
minutes after the compact disc player has been turned on
and had time to warm up.
• Using cable ties to bundle audio cables with speaker or
power cables may degrade the sound quality. So don’t
do it.
There’s no sound.
The sound quality is not good.
Audio output is intermittent when the
Compact Disc Player is subjected to
Audio performance