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of 36
• The disc is upside down. Load the disc with the label-
side facing up (15, 22).
• The disc is dirty. Remove the disc and clean it (15).
• If condensation appears, unplug the power cord and
leave the compact disc player more than 3 hours at room
• Make sure the disc is standard. See “Disc Note” (15).
• CD-R/CD-RW that are not finalized cannot be played.
• Install the compact disc player somewhere free of
• The disc is dirty. Remove the disc and clean it (15).
• The disc is very scratched. Replace the disc.
• No such track on the disc. Enter another number (24).
• The disc is dirty. Remove the disc and clean it (15).
• The disc is very scratched. Replace the disc.
• Turn off any special playback modes (e.g. repeat,
memory, or random).
• Make sure the audio cable is connected correctly
• Make sure that all audio connecting plugs are pushed in
all the way (17).
• Make sure that the connected component’s input jack
and the input settings are correct.
• Make sure that the connected component’s volume isn’t
set to the lowest level, and that the volume isn’t muted.
• Make sure the batteries have been installed with the
correct polarity (+/–) (10).
• Replace both batteries with new ones. (Do not mix
different types of batteries or new and old batteries.)
• The remote controller is too far away from the compact
disc player, or there’s an obstacle between them ( 10).
• The compact disc player’s remote control sensor is being
subjected to bright light (inverter-type fluorescent light
or sunlight).
• The compact disc player is located behind the glass
doors of a audio rack or cabinet.
Disc Playback
Can’t play a disc.
Disc playback skips.
Can’t enter track numbers for memory
It takes a long time to locate certain
Can not play tracks in the disc’s playback
External Components
No sound is heard from a connected
Remote Controller
The remote controller doesn’t work
Onkyo is not responsible for damages (such as CD
rental fees) due to unsuccessful recordings caused by
the unit’s malfunction. Before you record important
data, make sure that the material will be recorded
The compact disc player contains a microcomputer
for signal processing and control functions. In very
rare situations, severe interference, noise from an
external source, or static electricity may cause it to
lockup. In the unlikely event that this should happen,
unplug the power cord, wait at least 5 seconds, and
then plug it again.
Before disconnecting the power cord from the wall
outlet, set the main power switch to OFF.