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(Audio CD Display)
(MP3/WMA Display)
File name will be displayed by scrolling.
Only alphanumeric characters in MP3/WMA CD information
are displayed correctly. Double-byte characters and other
characters appear as underscores.
If a disc has been set in the tray, when the power of the compact
disc player is turned on, then it starts to play automatically.
To Select Tracks
Press to select the next track/file or to select
the previous track/file.
If you press during playback or while
playback is paused, the beginning of the current
track/file is selected.
If you select a track/file while playback is stopped,
press to start playback.
When / are pressed, the following Disc
information is displayed for MP3/WMA.
(During playback) File number/File name File
name File number/playing time
(Paused) File number/File name File name
Folder number/File number
To Fast-Forward or Fast-Reverse
During playback or while playback is paused, hold
down to fast-forward or to fast-reverse.
To Pause Playback
During playback, press . The indicator lights.
To resume playback, press or again.
To Stop Playback
Press to stop playback.
To Eject the Disc
Press to open the disc tray.
For MP3/WMA CDs, you can select MP3/WMA files in other
Playing the Disc
Press to open the disc tray.
Pressing while the compact disc player is on
Standby will turn on the compact disc player and open
the disc tray.
, , ,
, , ,
Place the disc on the tray with the label-side facing
When you want to listening to the 8 cm disc, place it
in the center of the tray.
Press to start playback.
The disc tray closes and playback starts.
Track currently
Elapsed track