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Remote Controller
You can also use the remote controller to control your Onkyo C-7000R.
For detailed information, see the pages in parentheses.
button (21)
Sets the compact disc player to On or Standby.
DIMMER button (24)
Adjusts the display brightness.
DISPLAY button (30)
Displays information about the current input source.
RANDOM button ( 29)
Used with the random playback.
Playback mode buttons ( 22)
Used to pause playback. When paused, this resumes
Used to skip to the beginning of the track being
Used to play the disc.
Used to skip to the beginning of the next track.
Used to fast reverse the current song.
Used to stop disc playback.
Used to fast forward the current song.
/ / / and ENTER buttons
Used to select and adjust settings.
SEARCH button (29)
Search for a folder on a disc containing MP3 or WMA
SETUP button
Used to change settings.
Number buttons (24)
Used to select tracks and the like.
button (22)
Open and close the disc tray.
OUTPUT MODE button (32)
Use this button to switch the audio output signal
between analog and digital (or both).
REPEAT button (25)
Used with the repeat playback.
MEMORY button (26, 27, 28)
Used to begin or end memory playback.
CLEAR button
Used to clear any numbers that have been entered
during numeric input. When making a memory
setting, the selected track is erased.